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"A total showman, had everyone walking around in amazement and saying "have you seen the magician!"


                                                                  -Ian Tyler, Corporate event booker

"Rob your a star, it may have been jen and lees big day, but it will always be the wedding that had the guy doing magic"


                                                                  -Kim & Tim, Bridal party

"Very astounding, Rob had everyone talking about him and his magic long after the party, really happy we hired him, will definately have him again, dedicated, funny, and reliable"


                                                                 -Lucy White, Corporate event booker

"Its doing my head in, Your a wonderful guy and I appreciate and love what youre doing, its endeering and inspiring - but its just doing my head in, youre amazing"


                                                                          -Joseph Hopkins, Author 'Lydia Greenfingers'

"What you have just done there is incredible, everyone tonight are all just jaw dropped at the magic you've been doing, thank you for providing our corporate magic entertainment at our christmas party - very well done"


                                                              -Tarquin Glenister, Corporate party booker

"Rob Neal appeared on my show 'Meet the entertainers'. He astounded me with a trick that I thought was merely impossible, with my own deck of cards, I was on the phone in Hong Kong and Rob was on the phone in the UK, we couldn't see each other, he was thousands of miles away, and yet he still managed to pick my chosen card." 

                                                               -Ben Matthews, Meet The Entertainers.

"Rob was a great addition to our birthday celebrations. He kept an age range of 6 to 62 entertained. His magic was so close up and we still had no idea how it was done.

                                                             -Tiffany W

"-Absolutely amazing, a real professional-"

Rob spent time with each of us at a small birthday party for my twin teenagers. We were all speechless at his tricks and still have no clue how they were made for a really different party!

                                                             -Amanda T

"-Fantastic Service-"

Rob was outstanding. We loved his professionalism and our guests couldn`t stop talking about him. Thanks Rob for being the "icing on the cake".

                                                              -Lucinda R

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